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#MayDay4Palestine – Call to action from workers in Palestine: Stop arming Israel. End all complicity!


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Palestinian trade unions issue an urgent global call to action, calling on workers everywhere to halt the sale and funding of arms to Israel — and related military research.

"We make this call as we see attempts to ban and silence all forms of solidarity with the Palestinian people. We ask you to speak out and take action in the face of injustice as trade unions have done historically. We make this call in the belief that the struggle for Palestinian justice and liberation is not only a regionally and globally determined struggle. It is a lever for the liberation of all dispossessed and exploited people of the world." Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions, Gaza

The urgent call from workers in Palestine just before the Worker's May Day – 1st of May – is already adopted by various Initiatives and Organizations around the world to be materialize in all May Day mobilizations and actions.


10.12.2023 (So) 13:00 Uhr Willy-Brandt-Haus, Wilhelmstraße, U-Bhf. HalleschesTor

⚐ Demo: No weapons for genocide! Keine Waffen für Genozid!


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On the 10th of December, the day of international human rights we protest for an end to weapons shipments to Israel and in solidarity with Palestine.

Am 10.12., dem Tag der internationalen Menschenrechte protestieren wir für den Schluss der Waffenlieferungen an Israel und in Solidarität mit Palästina.

18.11.2023 (Sa) 19:00 Uhr Stadtteilladen Zielona Góra

⏍ Event: Never step back – in solidarity with Palestine


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Fundraising, Docu Film, Live Updates, Discussion. With Vokü, Info Table & Soli Bar. A joint event organised by Solidarity Comrades, Internationalist Evening and Solidaridad Antirrepresiva.

1) Opening with info-table and Vokü(vegan)
2) Gaza Docu Screening "Striplife"
3) Video Chat with italian filmmakers about the Docu and presentation of the "SOS GAZA" fundraising campaign
4) Discussion round with comrades from the organization "Palestine Speaks" about acutal situation and international solidarity
5) Soli-bar
(All donations, also for food and drinks, go to the "SOS GAZA" fundraising)

*FUNDRAISING: Soli for SOS GAZA. Donates to be able to purchase basic necessities, such as medicines, sanitary items, mattresses, canned food, baby food.

*DOCU FILM SCREEN: 'Striplife' (2013, english subtitles) - The people who live in the Gaza Strip have to deal with extreme situations and significant constraints every day. This film however shows that their lives consist of much more than this and gives us an insight into their day-to-day experiences.

*LIVE-UPDATES & DISCUSSION: Actual situation and international solidarity (english with german Translation corner)


18.11.2023 (Sa) 19:00 Uhr Stadtteilladen Zielona Góra

⏍ Veranstaltung: Kein Schritt zurück – in Solidarität mit Palästina


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Fundraising, Doku-Film, Live-Updates, Diskussion. Mit Vokü, Infotisch & Soli-Tresen. Eine gemeinsame Veranstaltung von Solidarischen Genoss:innen, Internationalistischer Abend und Solidaridad Antirrepresiva.

1) Beginn mit Infotisch und Vokü(vegan)
2) Gaza Doku Film "Striplife"
3) Video Gespräch mit italienischen Filmemacher:innen über die Doku und Präsentation der „SOS GAZA“-Spendenkampagne
4) Diskussionsrunde mit Genoss:innen der Organisation „Palästina Spricht“ über aktuelle Situation und Internationale Solidarität
5) Solitresen
(Alle Spenden, auch für Essen und Getränke, gehen an die "SOS GAZA"-Spendenkampagne)

*FUNDRAISING: Soli für SOS GAZA. Spenden, um Grundbedürfnisse wie Medikamente, Hygieneartikel, Matratzen, Konserven, Babynahrung kaufen zu können.

*DOKU FILM SCREEN: 'Striplife' (2013, englische Untertitel) - Die Menschen, die im Gazastreifen leben, müssen jeden Tag mit extremen Situationen und erheblichen Einschränkungen fertig werden. Dieser Film zeigt jedoch, dass ihr Leben aus viel mehr besteht und gibt uns einen Einblick in ihre alltäglichen Erfahrungen.

*LIVE-UPDATES & DISKUSSION: Aktuelle Situation und internationale Solidarität (englisch mit deutscher Übersetzung-Ecke)


04.11.2023 (Sa) 04:35 Uhr Discussion/ Analysis

Some thoughts on the breaking out of the largest prison in the world


Author: Rigaer 94 - 01.11.2023
Link/Enlace: https://rigaer94.squat.net/2023/11/01/some-thoughts-on-the-breaking-out-of-the-largest-prison-in-the-world/

++Deutsch siehe Link / Castellano ver en el enlace++

Since a couple of weeks, we have heard from many about the necessity of expressing themselves regarding what is “happening now in Gaza”. Arguments that seem to almost suggest that a new war has started are common even in radical or anarchist circles. Since the break out from Gaza took place, the Palestinian struggle for liberation has been suffering in Germany from being reduced to Hamas’ actions. The German State, political parties, and even sometimes our comrades, are very concerned about how far or close one can be towards Hamas’ ideas. But very little about the historical roots of an asymmetric war that has lasted more than 70 years is brought into discussion by these positions. An ongoing massacre of Palestinian people has been happening since the days of British colonialism, assisted by the establishment of an apartheid regime in an artificially created settler society.

Today, the need to condemn constructed horror stories, even when they have been already denied in the hegemonic media, still prevails in Germany. Instead of listening to voices from Palestine or their exiled communities, there is little resilience to the orientalist discourse that the state and the media are pushing, constructing the image of “the Arab” as the ultimate evil. This dynamic has been present in all so called “Wars on Terror” since 9/11, but it originated long before. Individuals and collectives, who have never been sympathizers of Hamas, today find themselves backed up against a wall, expected to follow the directives of a white german movement. First they must publicly declare their distance from Islamist ideas before being given the space to speak about their own political ideas about liberation from the colonial and fascist oppression of Israel.

The level of violence displayed in Berlin in the last few weeks cannot be explained merely as a reaction to the break out of Gaza. Students can be slapped by a teacher in school, people are facing brutal police violence in the streets, and demonstrations are systematically banned. Although anti-Semitism finds its greatest expressions in this territory, and we see it as our responsibility to fight the multiple expressions of white christian supremacy – be it Aiwagner, AFD, Reichsbürger or others – the German state deflects attention from this by accusing others. The idea of imported anti-Semitism is and remains a way for Germany to find a new demon of history and to push anti-Semitism from itself to Palestine in a historically revisionist way. The results are evident today. With the usual racist agitation, by constructing the idea that Palestinians are anti-Semitic by nature, the German state is trying to divide our class along ethnic and religious lines, as a smokescreen for the division between us and the gun-grabbers who are currently earning a lot of money from Rheinmetall shares.

In order to silence any resistance to the complicity between the german state and the Israel military and its Zionist authorities, the well-known narrative of guilt is utilized, unfolding it like a transparent mantle over the people socialized in the territory controlled by the german state.

24.10.2023 (Di) 16:51 Uhr Indymedia

Against the Western media propaganda of the recent weeks: Solidarity with the Palestinian people!

Source: https://de.indymedia.org/node/312926
Author: I.A-A.F. (International Autonomous - Antiauthoritarian Front)

Neither with Israel - Neither with Hamas!For a world with no Borders, no Nations, no Wars!

The starting point is a simple fact: namely, Israel is a State that has been perpetuating colonialism and apartheid for more than 75 years. Historical oppression,unjustified bombing,complete state of siege, violation of international humanitarian law towards the Palestinian people are just a small list of what is now a obviuos plan: the ethnic cleansing of Palestine. This is a story told over the skin and the blood of thousands of victims, innocent civilians, two million people, forced to live in a state of daily segregation and mourning in the territory of the Gaza Strip. Alongside with an hypocritical media propaganda, Israel, once again used accusations of Antisemitism to launch yet another attack on Palestinian civilians: collective punishment is a war crime. To the ones that see soildarity with Palestina as an Antisemitic statement, we reply that as Antifascists, we do not ever choose factions that support racism and discrimination, nor do we need to categorize the latter. Anti-fascism joins anti-racism as united and indivisible struggles. This is why we consider it essential to make it clear that behind the motto:'Gegen Rassismus - Gegen Antisemitismus' there is often in Germany, unlimited support for the State of Israel, which masks broad forms of discrimination against the Palestinian population, and that try to obstruct and nullify any kind of political and social debate that seeks to shed light on the horrors of this dirty war. To be against the horrors perpetuated by the State of Israel is not anti-Semitism, it is anti-Zionism and anti-Colonialism. To be against the horrors perpetuated by Hamas is to be against a nationalist and Islamist body, historically created and supported by the United States to destabilise the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organisation) and the PFLP (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine). We do not feel the need to give more preference and emphasis to the racism suffered by one population rather than another, as we believe that racism is a mountain of shit that unifies in the same fight all people who have suffered it in history and who suffering it in the present. For this very reason, our Antiracism is carried with a broader and internationalist perspective: standing by the side of all populations who are victims of it, oppressed in condition of aparthaid and who resist colonialism and capitalisitic wars with dignity and courage. After the Hamas attack and the mass murder of 1,300 Israeli civilians, Netanyahu has declared "the final solution" to wipe out Gaza. 6000 bombs were dropped on Palestian's houses in the six days following Hamas's attack, including phosphorus bombs. Israel has since cut off water, power, medicine and fuel supplies, trapping 2.3 million people. Israel's goals of wiping out Palestine were also showed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the UN General Assembly through the presentation of the 'new Middle East' map. Our solidarity goes out to all the victims of this war: - With the Palestinian people who struggle and resist and suffer daily violence and apartheid.- With all those persecuted in Israeli territory by the Zionist regime, cause supporters of the Palestinian resistance and saboteurs of Netanyahu's war and policies.- With all the civilians victims ( in both countries ) by Netanyahu's and Hamas game power And while we see Israel flags appearing brightly on the Brandenburg Tor, the Palestinian community and the people in solidarity with them are banned from demonstrating anywhere in Berlin with massive police deployment and arrests. A repression that is being tried to break through perseverance and determination to the scream of FREE GAZA - FREE PALESTINE! Solidarity with all those arrested

I.A.-A.F. Instagram Channel

18.10.2023 (Mi) 03:22 Uhr Call

Protest actions and civil disobedience: Free Palestine


All together 18:00 Sonnenallee! Where protests against massacres and genocide are forbidden, resistance becomes a duty. Free Palestine!

In Berlin, almost all demos and rallies and even freedom of expression against the massacres in the Palestinian territories are currently banned. For the schools even a Kufiya("Palestinian scarf") ban was introduced.

Because everything is forbidden anyway, more and more people, neighbors, neighborhood residents - young and old - in Neukölln in the Sonnenallee (from Hermannplatz to Reuterkiez and further) have been coming out in the evening onto the streets unannounced to protest against the massacres of the Israeli army.

After the last students' and parents' rally against racism at Neukölln schools, which was brutally broken up by the cops, it can be assumed that next announced anti-racism demonstration will also be either banned at short notice or violently dissolved.

The Berlin cops are remarkable in their violent excesses against the population of Neukölln with constant racist insults and outbursts. It is also necessary to take joint action against this.

Anti-racist, anti-fascist, anti-militarist and internationalist networks are therefore mobilizing for the protest actions in and around Sonnenallee!

Up the solidarity! Fight together!