27.05.2022 (Fr) 19:00 Uhr Stadtteilladen Zielona Góra

♫ Soli Concert: In lovin memory of Sergio En Caceres


Vokü 19:00 // Show 20:00

After dedicating his life to his loved ones and to Hardcore-Punk, our friend Sergio passed away last January. Since he never stopped caring about his friends and his favourite type of music, we thought we owe him this show.

On Stage:
Wipe Out (Punk from the gutters of Frank Zappa Str. - Special reunion - bandcamp)
Sputa (Hardcore Punk, also from Frank Zappa Str. - bandcamp)
Äss-Äult (Raw Punk Caballeros straight from Köpi in your face - bandcamp)
Abscond (super fresh band/first show - Combat Rock)

On the same night, we will present a fanzine dedicated to celebrate Sergio's life.

The entrance money will go to MOVICE, movement of victims of state crimes in Colombia.


16.05.2021 (So) 13:00 Uhr Køpi, zwischen Schillingkreuzung & Adalbertstr

Kundgebung+Konzert 13:00–21:00: KØPI Protestwochenende gegen Wagenburg-Räumung




"Don’t wait until it’s too late, this capitalist take over must stop!" starting point Gendarmenmarkt - demo will leave on time so dont be late - stay safe, take care of each other & wear a mask.

13:00 – 21:00

with "Reactory" (local Metal) - "Visions Of War" (crusty from Hellgium/Int.) - "Strach" (Punk from the Kiez) - "Alice Dee" - "Rapkreation" - "Yeshe" (all Kreuzberg Rap) - "Day Before Wedn"

Die Køpi ruft ihre Freunde weltweit auf, am 15. und 16. Mai 2021 nach Berlin zu einem Protestwochenende zu kommen. Dem Køpiplatz (Wagenburg) droht die bisher größte Räumungsgefahr – also stehen wir zusammen, um für unsere Plätze & Häuser zu kämpfen.