08.03.2024 (Fr) 14:00 Uhr Unter den Linden 21 (German Army Support Lobby)

⚐ Revolutionary 8 March Demonstration: Down with imperialist feminism!


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ⓘ Infos/Call: https://imginn.com/allianc.int.feminist



Colonial and neoliberal powers construct a single model of feminism: the feminism of the oppressors that is limited to a so-called “women’s rights’” framework to serve their interests. This feminism is an accomplice in the system of oppression. Their “democratic” saviorism justifies their wars, occupation, detention centers, murderous borders and walls. This is Imperialist Feminism.

Imperialist feminism has always been part of the colonial project, serving as the “innocent” face of colonial violence. The “protection” of western-centric feminism has historically been used to economically and militarily subjugate countries of the Global South. Billions of dollars and euros go to fund occupation, genocides, oppressive regimes and exploitation in the name of liberating and saving women.

The new wave of fascism in Germany becomes loud and clear with the hypocrisy of imperialist feminism and its love for performative action. The deceptive activism that calls out against facism on the street while they’re complicit in the genocidal actions of the fascist israeli regime and oppressing & criminalizing any voice of palestinian resistance. We do not forget their bloody hands, currently and over the centuries, in the Global South: in Palestine, Congo, Sudan, Afghanistan, Kurdistan, Tigray, Artsakh, Peru, Libya, Iraq and all the countries with brutal colonial histories. Let’s take to the streets to show the corrupt powers of this world that we neither forget nor forgive.

We, Alliance of Internationalist Feminists, know that self-organization and self-defense are our strength in fighting against imperialism, fascism, capitalism, patriarchy, and white supremacy. Only an internationalist resistance will put an END to colonial borders and imperialist agendas.

We are standing with the resistance of our siblings from the Global South in their fight against patriarchy, capitalism, apartheid, fascism, displacement, land theft and ethnic cleansing. We are countless and our history and struggles for liberation and justice are intertwined.

None of us is free until all of us are free!

08.03.2023 (Mi) 14:00 Uhr Frankfurter Tor, Berlin-Friedrichshain

⚐ Demo: Revolutionärer Internationalistischer 8. März


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Demo am Internationalen Frauentag: Our revolution is coming! Die diesjährige Route führt ab 14:00 Frankfuter Tor zum Lichtenberger Frauen*Knast! Nobody is free until all are free! See you in the streets fighting for our revolution!

++CIS-Männer sind nicht eingeladen. Ihnen wird geraten, eine andere Aktion zu planen, um Gewalt gegen Frauen* zu stoppen!++