22.12.2018 (Sa) 19:00 Uhr Stadtteilladen Zielona Góra

Info, Vokü, Konzert: A palestine story – A grassroot resistance project

Poster event 22 Dez 2018 Palestine grassroots

Poster, print, A3, jpg

from 7:00pm: popular kitchen Vokü (vegan)

from 8:00pm: Info-Event
A palestinian activist from the of cultural center of Amal Almustakbal in the Aida Camp (Bethlem) about the projects. Since years the center develops projects for children and women in resistance. We will also talk about how it is possible to participate.

not smoking until 10:00pm, children welcome

from 10:00pm: concert
MONKEYS CURSE (Jungle Punk, Ausberliners) [bandcamp]
SUBVERSE (Anarka HC Punk, Berlin) [bandcamp]