15.06.2024 (Sa) 17:00 Uhr Lark, Holzmarktstrasse 15-18, 10179 Berlin

☉ 15.06.2024 (Sa) 17:00  ⚲ Lark, Holzmarktstrasse 15-18, 10179 Berlin


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⟁ No irish dancing experience necessary! All proceeds will got towards buying eSIMs for Gaza.

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/C7MENMgMSJj

Well lads! Soli Céilí tickets are now available on Resident Advisor!

From 17-21h on the 15th of June at Lark Berlin. Your Happy Feet moment awaits you. This will be an evening of dancing, chatting, acting the bollix, music and art, solidarity and love.

Tickets are on sale at 10, 15 and 20 euros to make an attempt at cost accessibility.

Whether you're a Micheal Flatley doppelgänger or this is your first time hearing about a céilí, all are welcome and encouraged to join us!

Keep an eye on our stories for more info on other surprises that may appear throughout the night.

All of the money raised through ticket sales will be used to buy eSIMS for people in Gaza through "Connecting Humanity" (https://gazaesims.com) and Speak Up اتكلم/ي.

If you have any accessibility requests or questions please DM us (via Instagram)! We will help out any way we can.

If you cannot afford a ticket but would really like to come, shoot us a DM and we will sort something out. There are a small number of these spaces available due to capacity of the venue.

If you are an artist or musician and would like to get involved, send us a DM.

See ye there!