12.01.2023 (Do) 19:30 Uhr AL.Berlin, SkalitzerStr.114 HH, Berlin-Kreuzberg

☉ 12.01.2023 (Do) 19:30  ⚲ AL.Berlin, SkalitzerStr.114 HH, Berlin-Kreuzberg


Alexandra Dols, 2017, France, 1h 54 min - Arabic/French/English with English subtitles.

Film-event organized by QuARC Berlin (Queers Against Racism and Colonialism - Berlin instagram)

Trailer/Infos: beyondthefrontlines.com

Beyond the Frontlines takes us on a journey both within our own minds and on the roads of Palestine, led by Palestinian psychiatrist and writer Dr. Samah Jabr.

An heir to anticolonial psychiatrist Dr. Frantz Fanon, she exposes the psychological strategies and consequences of Israeli occupation, and the ways in which Palestinians have learned to cope. In this multi-voiced movie, interviews and chronicles are intertwined together with poetic escapes suggesting the invisible dimension of Palestinian streets and landscapes. From this fragmented Palestine, women and men share their stories of resistance and resilience.

For everyday colonization does not only involve occupying land, homes, the sky or water. It does not seek to impose its rule through weapons only; it molds the minds as well, beyond the frontlines...

“Dr. Samah Jabr is a wise and thoughtful woman. She reflects on the subtle, devastating effect on the Palestinian people of years of brutal occupation. Alexandra Dols’ film shares her insights with us, generous, humane and deeply disturbing. Please see this film.” — Ken Loach

Alexandra Dols is a writer, director and producer. She graduated in cinematography from Paris University, where she specialized in scriptwriting and directing.

Thanks to Hybrid Pulse and DerriereLesFronts Film for your support with this screening! For more information about this film visit: https://beyondthefrontlines.com