22.10.2022 (Sa) 13:00 Uhr SfE, Mehringhof, Gneisenaustr. 2a, Berlin-Kreuzberg61

☉ 22.10.2022 (Sa) 13:00  ⚲ SfE, Mehringhof, Gneisenaustr. 2a, Berlin-Kreuzberg61


"Don't mourn - organise!" We are looking around us, we see our own everyday lives and we feel our beating hearts urging us to resist, to resist right here where we are living, breathing, laughing and loving.

Our cities are becoming spaces only accessible for the rich; Rents are rapidly rising, projects are getting evicted and the living costs are becoming more expensive every day. Our districts are no longer a place for living - they are turning into playgrounds for investors, stockbrokers and venture capitalists. Real-estate speculators are flooding our cities with their money, money they gathered from exploiting our labor and robbing the planet, dividing our communities and pushing us away from the city center.

We, the collective of the Interkiezonale, invite you, all of you that feel the grip of gentrification getting tighter. You, who, like us don’t want to be a passive spectator but want to take an active part in the struggle against the destruction of Berlins social environment.

No matter if you took part in the activities of the Interkiezonale before, live in a Project or just want to participate as an individual – you are all welcome to attend our open assembly to discuss the future of the Interkiezonale.

Discussion topics for the assembly:

  • Interkiezonale started off as a coordination between endangered projects and individuals, should it continue this way?
  • Can the coordinatory character be improved or is it time to change directions?
  • How would you like to participate in the further political work of Interkiezonale?
  • What is needed to make Interkiezonale a durable, lasting organization that inspires activity and participation?

Practical Info:

Day: 22.10.22 Time: 13:00-17:30 Place: SfE/Mehringhof

The assembly will be moderated and have a planned break. A translation-corner will be provided.

We will provide coffee and snacks.

If you need childcare or have other needs/questions please get in contact with us, at the latest 4 days before the assembly.

Contact: interkiezionale@systemli.org