09.02.2022 (Mi) 16:45 Uhr S-Bahn-Station Schönefeld Airport, Terminal 5

☉ 09.02.2022 (Mi) 16:45  ⚲ S-Bahn-Station Schönefeld Airport, Terminal 5

Sharepic Stop Deportation Center BER

The German government is planning a new deportation center at BER airport near Schönefeld. The new alliance “Abschiebezentrum BER verhindern” is organising to stop their plans! Join the first DEMO on Wednesday, 9 February at 16:45 to raise our voice against this project! We will march to the municipality meeting while Schönefeld politicians are discussing construction plans of the new center.

Join us to prevent the construction of another deportation prison!

Wednesday, 9th February, 4:45pm
☉ starting point: S-Bahn-Station Schönefeld Airport, Terminal 5
☉ ending point: Rathaus Schönefeld, Hans-Grade-Allee 11, 12529 Schönefeld (people can join here at 5:45pm, the meeting of politicians starts at 6pm)

Abolish all prisons! Abolish all camps! No Borders! Against all Racism! Freedom of movement for everyone! Bedingungsloses Bleiberecht für Alle!

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