06.08.2020 (Do) 20:00 Uhr Weisestrasse, Neukölln

☉ 06.08.2020 (Do) 20:00  ⚲ Weisestrasse, Neukölln

With: videos, speeches, music, many surprieses and you?! Plakat


Solidariy neighbors of the Neighborhood-Pub Syndikat in the street Weisestrasse in the district Neukölln call for resistance against the planned eviction of the Syndikat at 07th of August:

Sit down and resist – No eviction of Syndikat! - Resistance against the planned eviction of Syndikat on the 7th of August – very early!

We fight against Gentrification in our houses, our Kiez and in the whole city. On the 7th of august the bailiff Frank Bossin wants to evict the pub Syndikat to help the British speculator Pears Global become even more rich, while gambling with our houses. Meanwhile the government of the city is babbling about a moratorium of rents.

We are sick of this! We won’t be watching while the Syndikat is being evicted. Our resistance is legitimate. We will block the streets. We will sit down in front of Syndikat and we will not leave voluntarily – join us!

We invite everybody to bring their anger about the eviction to the streets on the 7th of August!!!

Join us in the blockade or become active in another way! Whether its a banner on the balcony, booing the police, shouting slogans, taking care of supporters or colourful actions around the whole area. Get informed. Get prepared. Get active. We will stand together in case of repression and for emotional support.

Let’s set an example: we, the residents of the city, wont take its selling-off!!! Come to Syndikat on the 7th of August or even better to the rally „Long night of Weisestraße“ on the 6th, starting from 8pm.

Solidly united neighbours of Syndikat