26.02.2024 (Mo) 19:00 Uhr Stadtteilladen Zielona Góra


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Anarchist dinner (tasty Mediterranean meze) from 19:00, than book presentation and discussion with Xander Dunlap

‘This System is Killing Us’ is an insider look at the catastrophic effects that energy infrastructure and mining are having on communities, their land and our planet. Xander Dunlap spent a decade living and working with Indigenous activists and land defenders across the world to uncover evidence of the repression people have faced in the wake of untamed capitalist growth. From Zapotec and Ikoot people struggling against wind energy projects in Oaxaca, Mexico to the violence of the Hambach mine in the German Rhineland, Dunlap presents the truth that lies behind the green re-branding of capitalism that social movements in the Global North have been slow to challenge.

Xander Dunlap is a postdoctoral research fellow at Boston University, USA, and a visitingresearch fellow in the Global Development Studies Department, University of Helsinki, Finland. Their work has critically examined police-military transformations, marketbased conservation, wind energy development and extractive projects more generally inLatin America, Europe and the United States. They have written numerous books, most recently Enforcing Ecocide: Power, Policing and Planetary Militarization.

All royalties from the book are being donated to the Stop Cop City Movement and Atlanta Solidarity Fund

29.02.2024 (Do) 18:00 Uhr R94, Rigaer Straße 94, Fhain-Nordkiez


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Resisting Occupation

"Gaza Fights For Freedom"
Filmed during the height of the Great March of Return protests, it features exclusive footage of demonstrations where 200 unarmed civilians have been killed by Israeli snipers since March 30, 2018.

with guest speakers and open discussion

from 20:00 Vokü (vegan)

02.03.2024 (Sa) 14:00 Uhr Neptunbrunnen, Nähe Alexanderplatz/ Rotes Rathaus, Berlin


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---+ english below +---

Zusammen beenden wir Kolonialismus, Rassismus und die weiße Vorherrschaft!

Wir rufen alle Menschen in ganz Deutschland auf, sich uns am Samstag, den 02.03.2024, anzuschließen und die Straßen von Berlin zurückzuerobern!

Widerstand gibt uns einen Sinn. Widerstand ist ein fortwährendes Ziel. Von Gaza bis zu den Golanhöhen, von Jenin bis Idlib, von Al-Quds bis Kairo, von Tulkarm bis Ayn al-Hilweh und Shatila, von Nablus bis zum Al-Yarmouk Camp und Al-Nayrab Camp, von Palästina bis zur gesamten Diaspora; wir sehen keine Grenzen! Hände weg von unseren Ländern, verschwindet mit euren unterdrückerischen Siedlerkolonialmächten, und wir werden unseren Weg zu der Freiheit und Gerechtigkeit finden, die wir anstreben - von Palästina bis zum Kongo, vom Sudan bis Syrien, von Afghanistan bis Pakistan, von Ägypten bis zum Libanon, vom Jemen bis zum Irak und Iran und bis Kurdistan!

Demo: Joint Protest in Berlin. Global South Resists!

We call on everyone all-over Germany to join us in a mass demonstration, on Saturday 02.03.2024, and reclaim the streets of Berlin.

Resistance gives us meaning. Resistance is an on-going purpose. From Gaza to Algolan Heights, from Jenin to Idlib, from Al-Quds to Cairo, from Tulkarm to Ayn al-Hilweh and Shatila, from Nablus to Al-Yarmouk Camp and Al-Nayrab Camp, from Palestine to all of the diaspora; we see no borders!

Take your hands off our countries, get out with your oppressive settler-colonial forces, and we will find our way to the freedom and justice we aspire to –​​​​​​​ from Palestine to Congo to Sudan to Syria, from Afghanistan to Pakistan to Egypt to Lebanon to Yemen to Iraq to Iran, and to Kurdistan.

Together, we end colonialism, racism, and white supremacy!

08.03.2024 (Fr) 14:00 Uhr Unter den Linden 21 (German Army Support Lobby)


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ⓘ Infos/Call: https://imginn.com/allianc.int.feminist



Colonial and neoliberal powers construct a single model of feminism: the feminism of the oppressors that is limited to a so-called “women’s rights’” framework to serve their interests. This feminism is an accomplice in the system of oppression. Their “democratic” saviorism justifies their wars, occupation, detention centers, murderous borders and walls. This is Imperialist Feminism.

Imperialist feminism has always been part of the colonial project, serving as the “innocent” face of colonial violence. The “protection” of western-centric feminism has historically been used to economically and militarily subjugate countries of the Global South. Billions of dollars and euros go to fund occupation, genocides, oppressive regimes and exploitation in the name of liberating and saving women.

The new wave of fascism in Germany becomes loud and clear with the hypocrisy of imperialist feminism and its love for performative action. The deceptive activism that calls out against facism on the street while they’re complicit in the genocidal actions of the fascist israeli regime and oppressing & criminalizing any voice of palestinian resistance. We do not forget their bloody hands, currently and over the centuries, in the Global South: in Palestine, Congo, Sudan, Afghanistan, Kurdistan, Tigray, Artsakh, Peru, Libya, Iraq and all the countries with brutal colonial histories. Let’s take to the streets to show the corrupt powers of this world that we neither forget nor forgive.

We, Alliance of Internationalist Feminists, know that self-organization and self-defense are our strength in fighting against imperialism, fascism, capitalism, patriarchy, and white supremacy. Only an internationalist resistance will put an END to colonial borders and imperialist agendas.

We are standing with the resistance of our siblings from the Global South in their fight against patriarchy, capitalism, apartheid, fascism, displacement, land theft and ethnic cleansing. We are countless and our history and struggles for liberation and justice are intertwined.

None of us is free until all of us are free!

30.04.2024 (Di) 19:00 Uhr Berlin


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+++english below+++

Die Gerüchteküche brodelt ja wieder. Aber die Gerüchte stimmen nicht – Take Back The Night findet dieses Jahr wieder in Berlin statt. Denkt ihr wir lassen uns von den Bullen einschüchtern? No way!

Auch 2024 werden wir uns am 30.4. die Nacht nehmen und gegen das kapitalistische Patriarchat und für die feministische Revolution auf die Straße gehen. Mehr Infos folgen in den nächsten Wochen. Wir sehen uns auf der Straße!

Grüße und Küsse aus Berlin.

The rumor mill is churning again. But the rumors aren’t true – Take Back The Night is taking place in Berlin again this year. Do you think we’ll be intimidated by the cops? No way!

In 2024, we will also take the night on April 30 and take to the streets against patriarchy, the state, colonialism and capitalism. More information will follow in the next few weeks. See you on the streets!

Greetings and kisses from Berlin.

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