10.11.2019 (So) 14:30 Uhr New Yorck im Bethanien Mariannenplatz 2A

Anticolonial Meeting: Revolution ist großartig, alles andere ist QuARC

Event/Meeting with translations in other languages than english or german if necessary

Foto from alternative queer march berlin 2019

As part of the Berlin Anticolonial Month, we invite you to join us for snacks and drinks, to find out more about QuARC, and to imagine together possibilities for queer anti-colonial and anti-racist liberation.

This will be a relaxed, social event and we invite everyone to bring some snacks to share. First, some people from QuARC will do a short speech to introduce the group and how it started. Then, we’ll brainstorm together about what anti-colonial, anti-racist queer activism in Berlin could look like — ideas for future events, actions and activities. What could the 2020 Berlin alternative pride look like?

The brainstorming will be on big sheets of paper, and you are invited to add something in your language, or just hang out and drink some tea.

Berlin Queers Against Racism and Colonialism (QuARC) - [facebook-link] is a Berlin-based umbrella group for queers* committed to anti-racist and anti-colonial politics